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I want to book you for our ceremony.  What is the next step?

You can contact me via rhyttinen@wisconsinvows.com .  I’ll will ask you a few basic questions about the type of ceremony you want and if nearby, suggest that we meet to discuss your wedding plans.  During our consultation in my office, I will explain the different parts of the ceremony and answer any questions you may have.

Will I meet you in person before the ceremony?

In almost all cases (location permitting), I will meet personally with you to discuss your wishes for the ceremony.  In case of distance and convenience issues, everything would then be handled via phone and/or the internet (Skype and Google Hangouts are also options). All meetings are handled personally by Rev. Roger, who will be creating your ceremony.

Do you require pre-wedding counseling?

No.  Counseling is not required as both of you are adults and your choice to get married is strictly your own.  However, if you have concerns or issues, I do offer pre-wedding counseling as an additional option ($55 fee).

What makes our marriage legal?

Any ordained minister of a legally recognized church may marry you and I am an ordained minister in good standing in a legally recognized church.  It is the obtaining and filing of the marriage license that makes a marriage legal. Your marriage licensed is obtained by you, then signed and filed by myself.

Will you do out of town weddings?

Ceremonies within a 100 miles round trip are included in the basic wedding package.  Any distance over 100 miles is changed $1.00 per mile each way.  Any wedding over 3 hours each way from Milwaukee will require an overnight hotel stay, which will be added on to the cost of the wedding package.

At what type of locations will you perform weddings?

I will perform ceremonies in reception halls, churches, in parks or lakefronts, restaurants, outdoors, on boats, at private residences – wherever you like!  Just be certain that you acquire any necessary permits beforehand.  If you require my presence for longer than an hour ceremony – for example, an afternoon on the lake on a boat – add an additional $75 per hour for my time.  You can book me for the entire day for an additional $600.

How far in advance should I confirm a wedding date? 

As I conduct all ceremonies myself, many dates are booked well in advance.  You will want to book your date the sooner the better.

Can we write our own vows?

Definitely!. In fact, personalizing a ceremony can make it truly rich and meaningful.  I am also available for help and inspiration if the need should arise.

Can we include our children in our ceremony?

Absolutely! I have many fun and interesting ways of allowing your children participate in your ceremony.

How long does a ceremony take?

Typically, a ceremony will last about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of your wedding party.  However, if you wish to add extra readings or other things such as a songs, readings, dove release, etc. your ceremony may last longer.

What do you wear during the ceremony?

Typically, I wear a traditional minister robe with a suit underneath and a stole.  However, I can change my attire in accordance with your preferences.  In the past, I have worn a suit, a tux and have even worn a renaissance costume for a themed wedding.  

We want a non-religious wedding—will you do that?

It is YOUR ceremony, and I will do it YOUR way.  Except for a couple of legal restrictions, you have ultimate say over how your ceremony is to be conducted.

What about last minute requests?

 As long as there is room in my calendar, I can officiate for you.  

Does it matter what religion or spirituality we practice?

 No. What matters is that I serve you in a manner that brings joy to your day. I will help you to bring your own meaningful experience to the ceremony whether spiritual or secular.

How do we reserve our date with you?

To reserve your date, please e-mail me.  I do require a non-refundable retainer to hold the date, in the amount of $100.   You may e-mail me to find out about availability, but you must actually call and put down your retainer in order to book the date.

What is the process for getting a marriage license?

Click here to visit my marriage license page.  

Do you officiate same-sex marriage ceremonies?

Definitely! I have officiated numerous Commitment Ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples throughout the years and I’m overjoyed that same-sex couples are finally able to legally marry in Wisconsin.

Can we have a non-religious yet spiritual ceremony? 

Certainly. In fact, many prefer a “spiritual” rather than a “religious” ceremony.

Can I include elements of different religions and religious traditions in our ceremony? 

Certainly! These make for interesting, rich, meaningful ceremonies. I work with you and your various traditions to develop a ceremony that truly represents your spiritual values.

What about commitment ceremonies/holy unions?

If’d like to have a ceremony to celebrate your commitment to one another but for whatever reason, don’t wish to make it legally binding at the time, I will gladly officiate at your commitment ceremony.  

Are there any pre-requisites such as counseling?  

No. But if the couple desires, counseling is available for an additional charge.

What if you are unavailable for our date?

Sorry, there is not much I can do in this case.  However, I will gladly put you on a waiting list in case the booking cancels.

Will you attend wedding rehearsals?

 Yes, my presence at a rehearsal is included in the Gold wedding package.

How do we work together to create our ceremony?

During our first contact, I will ask a few basic questions.  I will then arrange a meeting with you at my office if your wedding date is available on my calendar.   At this meeting, I usually start with  questionnaire, designed to give me an idea of your wishes for your ceremony and the particulars of the ceremony. For weddings, I learn about your relationships, how you met, what made you fall in love, etc. Between that questionnaire and an initial phone conversation or meeting, I get a sense of who you are, as individuals and as a couple and we begin the process of customizing your ceremony for your needs.  If you book that date at this meeting, you will receive a copy of my wedding packet which includes over 50 pages of sample ceremony parts.  You will have time to look through the packet, choose any of the available text from the packet or write your own.  In addition, I will put together several sample complete ceremonies based on our conversation.  I’m always available for ideas.  If I custom create the ceremony for you, you will always have the opportunity to look over the ceremony text and make any changes.  Feel free to mix and match here.

What about dedications/baby blessings/baby namings?

Certainly. I offer special pricing for these ceremonies – dedications, baby namings, or blessings are all included.  I will be happy to help make it something very special, the way you want it. Please call or email me more information.